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The story behind Buildr.

In the heart of Belgium's media industry was Griet, a beacon of leadership whose wisdom illuminated the path for many, including Sarah's. Griet's leadership style was a tapestry of compassion and inclusivity, woven with threads of genuine care for her team. She didn't just manage those who reported to her; she nurtured relationships with everyone, fostering a sense of belonging and support. Her impact extended beyond the office walls; she took the time to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of her team members, sending heartfelt Christmas cards adorned with kind words and praise.

As Sarah embarked on her journey at Buildr, she carried the lessons from Griet. Embracing her role as a founder and change-maker, Sarah's approach mirrored Griet's collaborative spirit, fostering client partnerships built on trust and cooperation.

But just as Sarah's admiration for Griet grew, fate intervened cruelly. Griet was struck down by a severe illness, forcing her to step down from her role. Yet, Griet's legacy lives on in Sarah's work. She continues her mission at Buildr, dedicated to driving positive and lasting change in organizations in an era of constant flux.